Forex broker straight through processing

Forex broker straight through processing

As a result, they never trade against their clients. Instead, they route all client forex broker straight through processing directly to the interbank market. This is performed by allowing information that has been electronically entered to be transferred from one party to another in the settlement process without manually re-entering the same pieces of information repeatedly over the entire sequence of events. Through our best market practice, customers can obtain the most transparent quotation, traded on small spread.

During the last few years there has been a lot of discussion over the trading models applied in Forex market. One of the heavily staright trading models is without any doubt the Straight through processing (sometimes misinterpreted as ECN). These are brokers who send the orders that have been placed by their clients on their platforms directly to the liquidity providers (banks or larger brokers) without passing these orders through a dealing desk. Feel free to choose any one of these brokers througn satisfies your yearnings in the STP execution model.

Brokers of this type just recently appeared on the Forex market. The best STP brokers operate on the principle of Straight Through Processing not for the first year. Such Forex brokers redirect forex broker straight through processing orders of their clients to other liquidity providers that offer a better price. They may be banks, larger brokerage companies or other participants of the Forex market. have prepared a list for you, which included the leading brokers supporting Straight Through Processing.

Our list includes only reliable and proven STP Forex Brokers procdssing allow trading through real and demo STP account.

Forex broker straight through processing

Through broker straight forex processing

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